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Simply send us as much information as you have about your excess inventory via contact form or email.  Typically we ask for a manifest in an excel format. 


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If we have all of the required information from your manifest. Our inventory specialists will provide you a solution and quote within 24 hours of submission.

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Once we have agreed on a fair liquidation price for your excess inventory. In most cases we will pay up front and pick up the goods from your warehouse. 

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Get paid for all of your excess, closeout, aged inventory taking up space in your warehouse!

Managing overstock and excess inventory is a tough task for any business. Aged inventory that has been taking up room in your warehouse adds a hefty cost to your bottom line. Finding the right inventory buyer can make all of the difference. We are a company that sets ourselves apart by building a relationship with your brand. 

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What exactly is an closeout inventory buyer?

As bulk inventory buyers of consumer products we help manufacturers, brand owners, distributors, Amazon sellers, Private label vendors, businesses of all sizes buyout underperforming, overstock, excess merchandise. 

We bring you over 27 years of industry experience in buying liquidation, closeouts, and excess inventory in bulk. Unlike other liquidation buyers who will only focus their attention on one or two categories, we are able to serve your closeout needs in all categories of products. See our services page to find out more. 

There are several reasons why a business may need a closeout inventory buyer’s help in moving their inventory in bulk. Things don’t always go as planned – take the year 2020 for example. Who could have predicted such a catastrophe!? Businesses all around the globe came to a halt. All of their P&L and forecasting went out the door when the pandemic hit. They needed a business solution that could help them recover their losses by selling off their inventory and was ready to answer the call.

Online sellers of consumer products on marketplaces such as, e-bay, & others are always having to compete harder and stay one step a head of the game to make sure that they have positive cash flow and it’s being invested into profitable inventory vs having to sit on items that are not yielding the expected results. 

Closeout Services we offer

Every situation comes with its own specifications, challenges and requirements. 

Our Mission

As bulk buyers of consumer inventory, our mission from one day has been to establish and retain relationships with our vendors and customers. From the first conversation, our mission is to understand your needs, follow through on our promises and communicate to you best case scenarios. 

My Vision

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My Values

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Business Solution

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Financial Analysis

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Strategy & Marketing

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Investment Planning

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Stimulate Innovation

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what makes me different

Liquidate Products Inc. has been helping businesses of all shapes and sizes since 1994 with their excess closeout inventory needs. Our advantage has always been our relationships with our vendors and clients that date back to the first day of starting the business.

As subject matter experts in the world of wholesale, liquidations, and closeouts we have worked with some of the top retailers and manufacturers for their excess inventory needs and we can help your business too!
We take the time to listen, get to know you and your brand. We become a part of your vision and make sure that all policies and guidelines are followed at all times! In this day and age, sending your brand into the secondary market can be scary but with our expertise and years of experience. We will make sure that your brand and its market value does not suffer!

If you’re ready to start selling your excess, surplus, closeout and discontinued inventory, reach out to us today to consult about your liquidation needs.

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Talk to one of our buyers in any category. 

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  • Detail-Oriented
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  • Inquisitive
Professional and Trustworthy

We’re discrete and we will make sure that your brand value is our highest priority.

Dedicated Accounts Service

Our buyers will get you the best value for your excess closeout inventory anywhere in the market.

Responsive And Friendly Service

You will get our entire team of inventory experts at your disposal and we will go to work for you!

Provide A Secure Online Area

Your inventory is safe with us!


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