How we became the best excess inventory liquidators

Chicago Quality Supply, Inc. David Cohen & M. Iqbal, based out of the north side of Chicago, founded CQS (Chicago Quality Supply, Inc.) in 1987. Closeout buyers This wholesale inventory supply business provided the small local businesses with Tobacco related products, Calling cards, Winter Accessories, & other variety of products ranging from $.25 to $5.00 in wholesale value.

CQS, Inc changes the business model. bulk inventory buyers As years had gone by, the needs of the business and the customers were changing. CQS was seeing a shift in demand from inventory that was small dollar amount into higher end brand name products at a higher price point.  excess inventory liquidators Their customer’s demand went from a few categories of products into a broad range of consumer goods that the business was not used to.

The Struggle to keep up. CQS was seeing an increase in profit in dealing with inventory with a higher price point and the supply of multiple categories of goods was hard to come by. Until mid 1992, Iqbal & David did everything from purchasing excess inventory, selling bulk inventory to local businesses, Logistics, Accounting, Marketing, & much more. They realized that they were spreading themselves too thin. 

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CQS, Inc hires their first batch of employees. Iqbal & David did the buying themselves but hired 3 sales representatives, a warehouse staff, and an office manager to make sure things were running smoothly. 

The turning point… The status quo took a huge turn in November 1994, when a long time CQS customer placed a smaller than his usual size order. He was a local hardware owner, and upon inquiring, it was revealed that he is buying the roll of tape & moving boxes to pack up his supplies. He was closing his six hardware stores that had served the Chicagoland area for nearly 18 years. Iqbal & David decided to purchase the entire inventory that he possessed in his hardware stores.

What was all there? In that hardware store, the dynamic duo discovered a diverse supply of goods such as paint supplies, office essentials, toys, games, tools, and a plethora of other products. Over 600+ different SKUs, over a thousand pieces each were acquired through this transaction, which was sold later on for a significant profit. 

The store owner was happy to have his merchandise liquidated for more than what he was expecting and he could retire much earlier than he had planned.  

The Rise of two Giants!

This deal sparked a new business idea. Wholesale Distribution was the focus of the dynamic duo; therefore, they changed Chicago Quality Supply, Inc. to All Season Trading Group, Corp.

Iqbal & David’s new business venture became known as Liquidate Products, LLC. in 1995. They worked hard to tap into the massive potential of this business to reach new heights. Liquidate Products, LLC soon became synonymous with the liquidation of excess inventory. The word spread like wildfire, and soon many retail businesses all over the US turned to the known experts for selling their surplus, and outdated inventory.


Over a span of more than 20 years in the business, Liquidate Products, LLC has helped over 5000 businesses with their excess inventory worldwide. We are happy to work with all size businesses. We can buy a handful of quantity to several truckloads of goods in a variety of categories.